[thelist] Creating a local directory from the ground up

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Fri Nov 18 03:01:54 CST 2005

 Paul / Asif

thanks for that - yup good link - its the mother of all directory links! 
notice its using a pank rank calculation. shame its pr is zero - there 
must have been alot of work there.

yes, there will be scepticism and an uphill struggle, but at least it 
will get me talking to SME's, *which is the idea*. ;o)

it may well turn out to be an utter flop but my database / scripting 
skills will improve and hopefully lose that fear of rejection that seems 
to stopping me getting any work.

y'know, when they say "no", youre already thinking to yourself, when you 
say "ok, thanks for your time", "hmm -- whos next on my list" - rather 
than the usual "oh damn, they dont want it".

obviously, if i come to the end of the day and i have absolutely no 
sign-ups, perhaps a different approach may well be needed - *or* another 
market sector. its interesting to note that some are predisposed to 
saying no and some are predisposed to yes or at least the idea of paying 
a fiver for a years worth of referrals. i guess the art of the 
salesperson involves knowing who has the predisposition - a sixth sense 
if you will.

another idea i had (hardly an original one) was to provide a niche 
directory. for example - obscure electrical gadgets / installers, 
thatchers, what have you.

ok, best


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