[thelist] typo3. standards compliant?

Khan nbv.sa at lsinter.net
Fri Nov 18 03:24:10 CST 2005

Mike wrote:
> Hello,
> I was comparing CMS systems and I have a question about Typo3. Does 
> typo3 output XML standards compliant code? I noticed in a few typo3 
> samples and demos that all of the typo3 sites I looked at where 
> structured with many table tags. I would prefer to have control of the 
> output of the html and lay out the site with divs instead using CSS. 
> Does typo3 have this control? Or is it just cooincidental that the typo3 
> samples and demos I looked at all happened to be coded with table tags?

In Typo3 you have to create your own templates, so if you put XML
compliant code in Typoscript, you will have XML compliant site

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