[thelist] Drupal Civicspace CMS. Newsletter feature?

Adrian Simmons adrinux at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 06:46:26 CST 2005

Mike wrote:
> What is the difference between Drupal and CivicSpace in terms of feature 
> set and capability?
You'd get better answers to these questions on a Drupal or CivicSpace mailing list.

> I have read CivicSpace is based on Drupal
CivicSpace was originally forked from Drupal for the Howard Dean presidential 
campaign in the USA. Then the people involved with that realised it could have 
more widespread use. Think of CivicSpace as a specialised fork of Drupal.

Quote: "CivicSpace enables bottom-up people-powered campaigns".

> it might be better for me to instead 
> spend my time learning Drupal if it would turn out to be even more 
> useful than CivicSpace.
Absolutely. It's a more generalized CMS, much more flexible than CivicSpace. 
Plus evolt.org now runs on Drupal, the more you learn the more you can help out 
:) And as a final point in Drupal's favour I believe the CivicSpace are in the 
process of moving back to being based on Drupal, using a specialised collection 
of Drupal modules and themes as the basis for their distribution.

> Is it simply that Drupal takes longer to learn than CivicSpace?
It's more generic, flexible and powerful - yes you'll have to put more effort 
into really understanding it because there is more of it.

> Currently my needs are to set up a political website for collaborating 
> ideas together into a party platform.
Ah, now I see why you were attracted to CivicSpace :)

> I am not sure if I should rely on CivicSpace or Drupal.
Sooner or later you're going to have to learn something if you want a totally 
custom solution. You could choose worse than Drupal.

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