[thelist] Drupal Civicspace CMS. Newsletter feature?

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Fri Nov 18 07:55:06 CST 2005

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> What is the difference between Drupal and CivicSpace in terms of feature
> set and capability? I have read CivicSpace is based on Drupal and that
> would lead me to believe that Drupal has a greater feature set and more
> capability. Would this be true? You see, I am about to invest much time
> in learning CivicSpace and perhaps it might be better for me to instead
> spend my time learning Drupal if it would turn out to be even more
> useful than CivicSpace. What do you think?

CivicSpace is Drupal modified for a public service / non-profit type
organization. I am not real familiar with CivicSpace so I can't provide any
specifics. It doesn't take very long to load up either of the packages so I
would suggest downloading each from the respective sites, installing them on
a server and working with each for a while to see which fits your needs

I would expect that a half day to a day would be plenty of time install and
work with both packages to determine which you wish use.

Ron D.

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