[thelist] Site getting spammed

A Maynes andrew at milords.com
Fri Nov 18 10:52:50 CST 2005

Is it oscommerce?

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Hello List,
One of my client's web site is getting spammed, or something like it. It
appears as though someone is using a script to auto-fill their email
newsletter registration form; every field is being filled in with the
same bogus email address using my client's domain name. For example:
Email : 245she at clients_domain.com confirm email :
245she at clients_domain.com Name : : 245she at clients_domain.com Address :
245she at clients_domain.com
City: : 245she at clients_domain.com
Does anyone have any idea what this is meant to do? Are they phishing
for a reply address or seeing if they can get a database error?
Thanks in advance,
Robert Vreeland

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