[thelist] help with sticky keys/title bar shrinkage

Brian Cummiskey Brian at hondaswap.com
Sat Nov 19 00:05:54 CST 2005

Hi guys--

Windows finally got the best of me :(

I accidentally turned on sticky keys by pressing shift a bunch of times 
in a row.  I was able to turn them off, but not before my font sizes and 
menu bars got fubar'ed.  On EVERY application, the top bar is 1/2 the 
height that they used to be.

Has anyone ever seen this before?

Machine is windows xp sp2

here's a sample SS to the problem:


notice the very top bar how small everything is?


As an aside, can anyone recommend a very windows-like linux version? 
I'm thinking about making the move, but I need a point-and-click gui.
I've played with linspire, and i don't like it...  but something 
//kinda// like it that is actually linux would be awesome.

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