[thelist] css, left and right aligned text on same line

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Sat Nov 19 02:19:17 CST 2005

> john at johnallsopp.co.uk wrote:
>> Thanks for the sources, I always follow those up. Actually, I was
>> working through another CSS book (must have been Meyer on CSS) a
>> while
>> back and techniques from that got condemned on here, so it's not
>> always clear where the acceptable path lies.
> Really?  What techniques were condemned?  Granted that book is a few
> years old now, but overall it's a great book, along with its sequel.
> Cederholm's "Bulletproof" is more of an update and building on of the
> work of Meyer, Zeldman et al.

Umm, from memory it was to do with Meyer's apparent desire (and like I
say, I haven't actually worked all the way through the book yet, and
it's a while since I worked with it) to mark everything up with a
style name so that it's 'ready' for a css style whenever it's needed.

I rather liked it because it forced me to think in terms of functional
styling, eg. "this is not just a table header but it's the type of
table header that will appear in these other similar contexts where it
will require this style, but there are other times when a table header
would have to appear differently, etc."

The chap who knocked that down considered that to be more than was
necessary, bloating the page, and making it slower to load and harder
to read for a human maintainer.

Maybe that's a minor coding style thing and unimportant, but what I
really mean is, whatever you do you get knocked down by someone, c'est
la vie :-)

Anyway, I'll dust it off and carry on working through it and buy the
Bulletproof one too.


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