[thelist] css, left and right aligned text on same line

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Sat Nov 19 05:35:56 CST 2005

Max Schwanekamp wrote:

> Really?  What techniques were condemned?  Granted that book is a few
>  years old now, but overall it's a great book, along with its sequel.
>  Cederholm's "Bulletproof" is more of an update and building on of
> the work of Meyer, Zeldman et al.

Well, I thought his method (in the first book) for wrapping text round
irregular shaped images was fairly horrendous in terms of separating
markup and style.

Not a great example of best practice. Like you said, it is getting a bit
old now. I too like Cederholm's books; they're a pretty good summary of
the state of the art, but that is actually a weakness too.

It takes a while for the techniques to be validated and settle down;
look at image replacement for example. Some of the methods shouldn't be
touched with someone else's ten foot pole, but without following up
every single thread of the widespread discussions, it's hard for someone
innocently googling the issue to make an informed judgement.

I think it's important for people to feel that they can check what they
read in a book against reality using forums like this. Cederholm is
pretty safe, but how is someone new to web standards supposed to know
who's safe and who's a loon? All the books look the same.



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