[thelist] wordpress-mysql step one

Dwain Alford dwain.alford at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 14:30:37 CST 2005

ok.  i reformatted and reinstalled everything.  now wordpress files
look like they should.  i reinstalled xampp into c:\program files. 
the program works.  i creatde a data base and i have made connection
in the admin tools section, odbc.  however, the program says it cannot
find the myodbc3.dll and myodbc3S.dll files.  i searched my system and
they are there.  is this a concern and how do i get the program to
recognize these files?

i extracted wordpress into c:\program
files\xampp\htdocs\christianity-philosophy.  i changed the
wp-config-sample file with the necessary information and saved it as
wp-config.php in the same folder as the sample file.  i opened my
browser, found the install file in the wp-admin folder and still the
wp-config file is not found.

should i reinstall xampp into the c: directory instead of the
c:\program files folder?  i don't think that this would make a
difference.  do i need to move the wp-config file to another folder or
is it in the correct folder (main wordpress)?  i'm beginning to think
that this blog shouldn't be done.  according to the installation
instructions it's a no brainer to install wordpress.

it does concern me that the myodbc dll's aren't found by the program,
yet windows says that i am connecting to the database.

any other thoughts?

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