[thelist] web client "decorator"?

Kristian Rink kristian at zimmer428.net
Tue Dec 20 08:12:46 CST 2005

Hi Adrian, @list;

Adrian Simmons schrieb:
> Kristian Rink wrote:
>> - Overally: Is there _any_ meaningful way of formatting broken markup
>> using CSS, or should I better stay off all this?
> I suppose you could make liberal use of !important in your own styles. 

I thought about something like this, as well, but it won't work here,
the CSS defined in my stylesheet is always overridden by what is defined
inline within the markup, and I can't change that. :/

> Is there  a specific browser you need to cater for? Can you use javascript 
> to override the current style?

I'm always striving for cross-browser-usability, though probably most of
our customers are using some more recent MSIE variants. Bad thing is
that I can't do anything but just include a CSS there, so even
JavaScript is not really possible. :/

> In the end it sounds like a classic example of why tag soup is so 'inefficient' 
> to upgrade.

Oh yeah. If I could mess around within the system, I'd probably dump all
the markup they're using, right now, and replace this by something
leaner, something more structured. But well, what do you know... :/

Anyhow, thanks and bye,

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