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Megan Holbrook meganwh at wi.rr.com
Tue Dec 20 10:56:48 CST 2005

John Dowdell wrote:
> But when I did a web search on term "'third voice' annotation" it turned 
> up some lists of other approaches, like the ones here:
> http://ncyoung.com/entry/97
> jd

Hi John -

Thanks for sending this. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the 
websites mentioned on the site have gone belly-up as well (except for 
Annotea which is related to the site I'm trying to find a replacement 
for). Sigh. The effort is much appreciated, however.

Just to give a sense of what I'm trying to do with annotations:

We're designing and managing the development of a large website and 
trying to work with our CMS developers in helping explain functionality 
of the comps we've provided them. We have spec docs, but nothing is 
quite as clear as actually marking up the work. Since we've already 
developed the html, it seemed to make sense to annotate that rather than 
just posting graphics with annotations.

If anyone else has suggestions, I'd be quite interested in hearing 
alternatives (we've also thought about shared whiteboards, but can't 
find one which allows writing on top of images, and Axure is a little 
unwieldy for this, so...)

Thanks :/ M.
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