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Manektala, Udit Udit.Manektala at PIONEER.COM
Tue Dec 20 15:08:22 CST 2005

Okay, after a successful bit of advice from this list about using the
XMLHTTPRequest for a requirement ( thanks guys), I have run into another
problem.Im sending a Java Servlet link an XML and expecting another XML
in return, all using the XMLHTTPRequest object. The problem is strange,
that when I load the ASP page that contains this code, it goes into hang
and times out. I know the hang is coming from the 

    Do while ObjXMLHTTP.readyState<>4
	'Do Nothing

I know this because when I put in a Response.write in there, it gave me
a Buffer overflow error. Ok now, here's the funny part. When I hit F5
and Refresh, the whole page loads fine ... without a single second of a
So what I understand is that the readyState is not changing to 4 even
when the XML is ready, the first time 'round but it changes to 4 the
next time round ?..a little confused there. So I looked up those
XMLHTTPRequest Sample codes closely and realised that I don't have an
"onreadystatechange" function for the XMLHTTP object  which could be the
cause of my problem. Now here's the second problem, I cdnt figure out
how to declare an eventhandler function right there because im thinking
ASP doesn't like a sub being declared inside a loop. So I tried
declaring it outside the loop which didn't work either, coz then I need
to pass the XML Document Object and the XMLHTTP object by Reference and
then do some jazz on it which really didn't work. So I hunted through
more code and found this example for Jscript where the function is
declared right where the onreadystatechange is specified. This I am
unable to replicate in VBScript ASP. 
		xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() {
		  if (xmlhttp.readyState==4) {

So to cut a veery long story short, I wanna know why the loop goes in
hang and if the reason is what I think, how do I deal with this problem.

My ASP Code: 

			dim ObjXMLHTTP
			Set ObjXMLHTTP =
			ObjXMLHTTP.open "GET", strURL, True
		      ObjXMLHTTP.send ""

		    Do while ObjXMLHTTP.readyState<>4
			'Do Nothing
			if ObjXMLHTTP.readyState=4 then
				xmlDoc.LoadXML objXMLHTTP.responseText
			end if

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