[thelist] PHP & UTF-8

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Tue Dec 20 15:12:56 CST 2005

Noah St. Amand wrote:

> One thing that may be relevant -- the collation throughout the database 
> is "latin1_swedish_ci" -- I've tried to change it to "utf8_general_ci", 
> but I have been unable to. This appears to be a common problem (I run 
> the "alter" statement on the table and nothing happens). Do you think 
> that this could be the cause of my problems?

Doing something like `ALTER TABLE foo CHARSET=utf8` will NOT change
the individual fields -- use SHOW CREATE TABLE foo to confirm. And
don't ask me why it doesn't :-)

In the past, I've just used ALTER TABLE to change each text column
*individually* as required.

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