[thelist] Authorize.net and AVS

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Tue Dec 20 17:07:51 CST 2005

 > You can disable AVS for international customers.  In the AVS section in
 > Authorize.Net settings, in the first "Reject if..." block, uncheck "Non
 > US Card Issuing Bank" and uncheck "AVS is not supported." Alternatively,
 > you can disable AVS entirely, and use AuthNet's anti-fraud services
 > (they have two packages) and/or CVN (Card Verification Number).  Keep in
 > mind though, that disabling AVS may be a violation of your [client's]
 > merchant account agreement.

Very good point. I will look into this.

> Obviously for non-us customers whose bank does not support AVS you
> can't use it. Authorize.net lets you configure which AVS responses
> will result in a rejection and which will not (the actually give you a
> stupid amount of flexibility allowing you to reject AVS matches).
> So if you want to check AVS for US customers, but allow non-us
> customers to purchase without the check, simply configure
> Authorize.net to accept the G, U, and S responses. You can still
> reject US cards that don't meet your desired AVS level match.

Right. I hadn't even noticed those options on authorize.net. It is 1 AM 
where I am and I'm a bit frazzled with the site going live tomorrow and 
the store not quite working yet.

Thank you both.


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