[thelist] Site Check (Clattco)

Jay Gilmore jay at smashingred.com
Thu Dec 22 10:43:18 CST 2005

Pieter Roosens wrote:

>Hi Jay,
>The overall site looks ok. I'm on Safari.
>Just the photos don't seem very "convincing" to me.
>Quality pro photos are a nice thing to start with.
>Otherwise with amateurish photos: you have to "Photoshop" them  
>strongly and try to "save" them.
>Especially the first on the new homes page and the third renovations  
>pic (sharpen).
>I would strongly suggest to replace that one on the "new" page by a  
>finished house.
>Hope that helps,


Thanks for the review. I suppose I should have mentioned that we decided 
to use "real" photos for an intentionally personal feel. That being 
said, I will be replacing the cabinet image on "Renovations" with a 
sharper one. Pretty hard to show detail with a blurry image. Megan 
previously commented on the image on the index and I concur that it can 
be repaired. I will look at this.

These are great comments, thanks and hopefully keep them coming.

All the best,

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