[thelist] Spam from my domain

Gilles Beauregard gilles at balour.org
Fri Dec 23 07:22:09 CST 2005


>A few different email addresses on my domain are being used as the From:

If your are flood with bounce, you can turn off the catch all for some time,
maybe, 24-48 hours, to let the flood vanished.

Hope, you don't have to much important email coming that way.

>in a bunch of spam, starting maybe 20 minutes ago. They're not real
>users.. I had a catch-all address on, and started getting the hundreds
>of bounce messages in my inbox, which is how I knew.
>I know that the From: doesn't necessarily mean it came from there... but
>how can I definitely verify that my website isn't being used to send
>them somehow?

Take a look in the email header of the bounce message to see if
you find the IP associate with your site.

But I don't worry about your site use as the spam sender.
Usually, the spammers will use another domain, when they borrow
someone else site to send their crap.

Good luck.

Gilles B.

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