[thelist] site check please

M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Sat Dec 24 08:03:23 CST 2005

Message from Meredith Tupper (12/23/2005 10:18 PM)

>Hi all,
>Got a rough draft of a site that needs...well, it needs something.
>Background color?  Better balance?  Simpler font?

Well you've got
- a table-based layout
- text displayed as an image
- an imagemap
- no alt text on your images

Given your layout, none of these things are necessary, with the possible 
exception of the text displayed as an image, if you really must have your 
introductory paragraph in that special font.

I also think the site is too narrow, half of my screen is empty whitespace. 
Perhaps, if you must limit the layout width, centering it might help. 
Possibly not though, as this might just cause the site to "float" in 

To me, the Google ads on the page are the most eye-catching, readable 
element on the entire site, simply because of the line-spacing and clean font.


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