[thelist] Database driven site

L. Mohan Arun marun2 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 04:55:03 CST 2006


I am looking to create a database-driven site of http://www.qatar.net.qa.
The various types of pages are Services, Support, Downloads, FAQ, Glossary,
News, etc., with external links to "Check Email" "Change Password" etc.
I am  unable to decide how to go about databasing content.
The options I am considering are: (open for better suggestions)
- Page templates for each type of content with separate database tables for
each type - (has the advantage of being simpler to design and operate but
requires significant design changes when a new type of content is to be
added in which case a new page template and table is needed every time but
how would it accommodate rich text/HTML content/Tables etc.)
- A "Content" table with Content ID (key) and Content stored as rich text.
(gives the appearance of too deceptively simple)

Any other ideas?

L Mohan Arun

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