[thelist] safely deleting MSSQL old backups

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Feb 28 13:06:51 CST 2006

I'm slightly paranoid since I'm dealing with our most important data

We've got good SQL backups, off to tape and verified. That system is
tight enough that we've set the SQL backup to only retain two days'
backups. But there are still almost two months BAK and TRN files.

It seemed like when I changed the other maintenance plans the old BAK
and TRN files dropped off. Didn't happen with these.

I'd regain 50GB of space on a 200GB partition if I nuked the old BAK and
TRN files. I just don't wanna do that without a better understanding of
possible repercussions.

Can I just delete the unneeded files from the Windows directory
structure, or is there a better way?


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