[thelist] FTP Scheduler

Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Wed Mar 1 05:47:41 CST 2006


I'm looking for a simple FTP Schedule solution to backup data from live
websites.  Ideally what I'd like to achieve is:

- backup tasks to start at specified time
- backup system to create a new folder named with current date
- bunch of specified files and folders from different FTP locations to be
downloaded into new folder
- task ends

What would be even better is if the system could create a new folder named
with the current date then create folders within this with each domain we
backup eg.

	Create Folder '060301'
	Create Folder 'domain.com'
		Download 'database.mdb'
		Download 'image uploads folder'
	Create Folder 'domain2.com'
		Download 'database.mdb'


There are plenty of FTP programs which allow macros/scheduling but I have
yet to find a way of dynamically creating the folder with current date to
download to.

Anyone have any suggestions?



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