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What is the schema of the table(s)?
If you table looks has columns for Order,SKU,Warehouse,and Location
And an example row looks like [1234,ABC,2,A] ['A' being the Location
And you want to select all rows that have "A" in the location then
SELECT DISTINCT Order from table_name where Location='A'


SELECT Order FROM table_name WHERE location='A' GROUP BY Order

James c 

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Take a sample order (Order, SKU, Warehouse, Location):
1234 ____ ABC ____ A ____ 2
1234 ____ ADE ____ C ____ 40
1235 ____ EEF ____ C ____ 55
1236 ____ EEJ ____ A ____ 1
1236 ____ JJK ____ A ____ 1

How do I narrow this list down to show all orders that had at least one
"A" location in it?


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