[thelist] how to direct visitors to separate sites based on booking agent

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed Mar 1 09:07:59 CST 2006

One of my bands is having flyers printed, and wants to give each of
their booking agents a personalized version of the site for visitors to
go to: if I hand out a flyer/brochure, it should direct them to a site
with my photo and logo, my email and phone, etc.

For the life of me I can't come up with a simple method to do this that
would make sense to the average *extremely* non-technical person.

Subdomains? I'm guessing if people saw http://joel.example.com/ they'd
either be confused or just remember 'example.com' sending their traffic
to the main site instead of the agent's site. 

Buy new domains for each agent? The client is willing.

Redirect based on the query string? I hate publishing a url like "Visit
us online at example.com/index.asp?id=32" (side question: would
"example.com/id=32" be equivalent?)

Ideas? Feel free to think outside the box. This doesn't have to be a web
solution; anything to allow each booking agent to more or less keep
track of their own prospects. As the band pulls more for each gig, it's
becoming a decent bit o' cash per, and we need to keep it straight.



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