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Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Wed Mar 1 10:16:53 CST 2006

Rob Smith wrote:
> I personally like the first one. It's more visually appealing to the
> eye. POV-Ray can give you much more than a few spheres's which mean...?
> Sure it looks cool.
> My advice, and I'll admit that I haven't looked at the css file, is to
> keep your margin's, padding's to 0px using lists as you are.
> To get rid of the space in FF, no it doesn't look ok, try and remove the
> carriage returns in the code. For example:
> <div>
>    <ul>
>      <li>
> Will look differently in some cases written as:
> <div><ul><li>
> Odd, but true,

might also be a margin-collapse problem.

adding padding: 1px 0 0 0 to #navcontainer or border-top: 1px solid 
#666 cures the gap but exposes the problems with the default margins 
on the ul#navlist - curable by #navlist{margin: -1px 0 0 0;}



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