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Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Wed Mar 1 11:18:26 CST 2006

Tim Burgan wrote:
> 1. How can a make all traffic to
> example.com redirect to www.example.com?
> 2. When I visit (note secure server) https://www.example.com my website 
> displays perfectly, via SSL, but if I visit https://example.com (note: 
> no www's), I get an error message saying the secure certificate belongs 
> to a different domain - https://WWW.example.com

There are two ways off the top of my head:

One: setup a virtual web service with the host header of example.com. In 
the IIS properties for that site, setup a permanent redirect to the 
www.example.com site. You can setup the redirect so that it retains the 
full URL and querystring.

Two: with-in your code (and just for the SSL enable pages) look for the 
HTTP Environment Variable "HTTPS" the values are on / off. If off, 
redirect to the https URL.

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