[thelist] My Very Own Website

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Wed Mar 1 11:42:00 CST 2006

Quoth Hershel Robinson <hershelr at netvision.net.il>
> [...] The official version is here:
> http://web.galleryrobinson.com/
> and the alternative design is here:
> http://galleryrobinson.com/web2/
> I checked this in IE6 and FF1.5 on Win2K. If anyone can check on any 
> other browsers I would appreciate that.

Works in Konqueror on Linux; the layout is about the way you see it in 
Firefox.  Nice liquidity when shrinking the window width. No alpha 
channel/transparency on the banner, though, which Firefox 1.5 has.

The attempt at a drop-shadow effect on "Web Services" in the second 
design fails miserably in both my browsers... sorry.  The first example 
is much better IMO.

I agree with a prior note, that the break between the banner and navbar 
is a "happy accident" that emphasizes the see-through effect.  Now that 
you know what caused it, I'd be tempted to keep it!

Good variety of designs in the portfolio, too.

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