[thelist] My Very Own Website

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Wed Mar 1 14:02:50 CST 2006

Thank you to everyone who replied.

ben morrison wrote:
 > Yes, you haven't reset the margin/padding value for your #navlist.
 > ul#navlist {
 > margin:0;
 > padding:0;
 > }

Ah, quite right. That was it. I removed the ul from the global reset at 
the top for another project and forgot to put it back in. Now it's back 
and looks better.

 > Here is the original article that discusses global resets (its good to
 > add some margins/paddings back in), which may be of use to others:
 > http://leftjustified.net/journal/2004/10/19/global-ws-reset/

Very nice article. Thank you.

Kevin Martin wrote:
> Good variety of designs in the portfolio, too.

Thank you.

Rob Smith wrote:
 > I personally like the first one. It's more visually appealing to the
 > eye. POV-Ray can give you much more than a few spheres's which mean...?
 > Sure it looks cool.

Yes, POV-Ray is a very complete system, capable of photo-realistic 
imaging. I am not, however, a master of it.

I wanted an image that looks, as you put it, "cool." :)


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