[thelist] Question about DB connections in ASP

Matthew Bernhardt bernhardt.7 at osu.edu
Thu Mar 2 06:57:23 CST 2006

Hello everyone,
   I was wondering if there was any conventional wisdom in to structure an  
ASP page that has to make several connections to different databases on  
the same server?
   Some of the pages I'm working on right now make connections to 4-5  
different databases to grab the data that they need. Right now, they  
define different connection objects for each database, defining them just  
before they're used in the page. I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more  
efficient to define one connection object at the top of the page, and then  
structure the SQL statements to specify 'database.tablename' each time the  
page needs to get data.
   Is there a performance hit to opening a connection and leaving it open  
for an entire page, or is it better to open and then close several  
different connection objects?

Thanks for any advice - I've lurked here for about a month, and I'm  
impressed so far with the level (and range) of discussion.


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