[thelist] Gigs on the web

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 2 07:52:31 CST 2006

Hi, all

I have a client who wants to move a system to the internet. They want their 
clients to be able to access 3D imaging from the web site. Each client will 
have about 1/2 gig of information and they will have several tousand 

They do not have the expertise to manage a web server.

The problems are obvious: Storage space, transfer rate, monthly transfer. I 
had considered keeping the images locally and only sending them when called 
for, but speed and transfer costs still might make that impossible.

First, are there any companies with the space and pricing to make this an 

Second, given todays technology, what would be the cost estimate to setup 
servers and train staff to be their own hosting?

TIA, Ken

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