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Drew Trusz drew.trusz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 08:10:37 CST 2006

On 3/2/06, Nancy Johnson <nancychristine49 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I am a designer who has worked up to now in an only in Microsoft environment.  I know how to do a contact form in .asp and set up a simple database using .asp and SQL server or MS Access.
>   I feel the need to learn php and be able to set up a contact form and simple database maybe using MYSQL?
>   What would be a good way to get started?

Several quick ways to start: Peachpit offers a Visual Quick Start by
Larry Ullman (that's an impressive name) "PHP for the World Wide Web".
It's very basic. Or his "Php and MySQL", also from Peachpit.

Another basic approach would be the Eclectic Academy which runs a
multi-week course on php which includes a form-to-mail exercise. The
instructor reviews your work with you and is very good. Its $20.

More comprehensive would be things like "Beginning PHP5, Apache,
MySQL: Web Development" , Elizabeth Naramore etal from Wrox.

Or "PHP and MySQL Web Development (3rd Edition) (Developer's Library)
" , Luke Welling and Laura Thomson.

And there are also the resources of php.net, including the Manual.

Just depends on where you are comfortable starting.


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