[thelist] Positioning graphics with CSS

jblanchard at pocket.com jblanchard at pocket.com
Thu Mar 2 12:38:21 CST 2006

The reason for using the images as background for the header divs is so
that other elements can be positioned on top of the graphics with
worrying about the placement of those graphics or having to cut them up
further. The hack that I eventually applied works well and the graphics
look fine in other browsers. This was strictly a problem with IE which I
think I failed to mention.

I just discovered that Mozilla will not display this properly at all.
Frack! The background image in the right hand div does not show up at
all. Why can't all of the browser makers get on the same frackin' page
(don't answer that, I know, I know)

I guess that I could just say screw it and make one header graphic. It
just makes things larger than necessary.

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