[thelist] Activating ActiveX Controls (Hassan Schroeder)

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Go to Windows Update, select 'Custom,' then, under 'Select by Type' on the
left-hand panel, click on 'Software, Optional'. Look for 'Update for Windows
XP (KB912945)'.

There's some question as to whether this will remain an optional update or
if it will be bundled into a future security update, at least I've been
unsuccessful to date in nailing that down. Perhaps even Microsoft doesn't
yet know?

Hope this helps.

> ! Is this bundled into a "security update"? I'm not seeing anything
> that looks like that, and I'd like to get it onto a test machine ASAP.
> Or if you've a URL to the MSDN location, that'd also be good, since
> I can *never* find anything there...  :-)
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