[thelist] JavaScript/Ajax - responseText and IE question

Andrew Clover and-evolt at doxdesk.com
Thu Mar 2 17:48:45 CST 2006

Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

> IE is throwing a lovely "unspecified error" (man do I hate that).

That's typically what you get when you try to write innerHTML to 
'special' elements IE doesn't like writing innerHTML to - stuff like 

You sure 'm' is a <div>? Is it in a valid place in the document (eg. 
everything validates)?

But yeah, in any case, it'd be preferable IMO to return a string and 
write that to a text node's 'data' property.

> $result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO ctmembers(name, email) VALUES
> ('$mname', '$mmail')");

Eeeeee! SQL injection!

And Clover
mailto:and at doxdesk.com

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