[thelist] Live support script?

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Fri Mar 3 08:38:47 CST 2006

I use PHP Live Helper on my site and several of my clients.  It is 
relatively inexpensive, but has a lot of features.  There is a 7-day 
trial version on the site:


I have several licenses that I purchased in volume that I can offer if 
you are interested.



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Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) wrote:

>One of my clients sent me the following request:
>"a single chat support that would be on our main webpage that anyone can 
>log in from any location,our main location in Mississauga will be the 
>one answering the questions. We would answer mostly general questions 
>regarding our services just like we do on the phone. We would like to 
>show the hours we'd be available for chat support and to be notified 
>like msn when someone is on the line, also, if there's a way that Tina 
>can do this from her home computer. Is there also a way the person can 
>register first before login to our chat support line (to avoid misusers)."
>Their site is currently using a PHP CMS and I have found chat modules 
>for it but the issue is the notification part.
>Can anybody recommend a PHP solution that has a notification like MSN 
>(the popup saying so and so is online) ?
>Thanks in advance,

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