[thelist] HTML Email question

James Conley Conleyj at kubota-kma.com
Fri Mar 3 12:06:59 CST 2006

I had to do an HTML/emailer thing not too long ago and it looks like
[Outlook at least] can handle a <style></style> tag set. I used CSS and
put it inside the email inside of a style tag. 


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On 3/3/06, Donald Pasewark <don at pasewark.com> wrote:
> I've recently been tasked at work to create a weekly HTML Email to our

> sales force. I've got the templates done and initial testing (through 
> Outlook) shows that the CSS styles are not been transferred.
> When all is said and done, I'm not really clear on how HTML Email and 
> HTML are different. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the 
> right direction on a good tutorial or reference on how to create HTML 
> Email and what formatting limitations there may be.

When i've made HTML emails I have generally stuck to HTML 3.0 and
avoided the use of CSS. Dare i say it - even using simple tables for

Apparently support for CSS is improving in email clients, but its a lot
of work to take on for what is generally a little return financially.

This link will help you if you wish to carry on with the CSS route:


hth ben.

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