[thelist] Question about memory leaks with Javascript and Ajax

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Sat Mar 4 15:50:51 CST 2006

I'm new to javascript, but I have seen comments about memory leaks.
I'm wondering if I need to be concerned about what I'm doing.

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I have a table that I apply events to using Behaviour.

For example:

    Behaviour.register( {
        '#matrix td a' : function(e){
            addEvent(e, 'click', stop_bubble, false );
            e.onclick = function() {
                return true;
    } );

Now, that #matrix div can be completely replaced by an Ajax call (using
Ajax.Updater) -- the table's headings can be clicked to sort by a
column, for example, and the table is updated in-place.

In the Ajax.Updater call I specify an onComplete action of
"Behaviour.apply" to reapply the actions to the newly replaced table.

So, what I'm curious about is when I replace the table with the Ajax
call do I have to worry about those (old) events added to the original
table?  That is, do updates to the DOM take care of garbage

Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org

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