[thelist] Javascript orderform speed issue

Rory Lysaght rorylysaght at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 00:37:13 CST 2006

I've got a large order form that uses script to update the subtotal
automatically as soon as you enter a quantity.  The page itself is pretty
large - about 1050 products in about 11 tables.  I'm working on slimming
down that code.  But the problem I have is the speed of updating the page
total.  Every time someone enters a number in the quantity field, I need to
loop through all 1050 fields to update the page total.  In Firefox it's
pretty really zippy, but in IE6/Win it's incredibly slow.  I'm guessing on
older /slower PCs it's almost unusable.  I've optimized the Javascript as
much as I can, but I'm wondering if anyone can explain why it's radically
slower in IE, or suggest a faster way to do this?
You can see the form here:   http://memoryboxco.com/orderform.htm


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