[thelist] Telecommuting or Remote Web Development?

Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Sun Mar 5 18:29:15 CST 2006

I'm seeing the opposite. My real job could be done completely, and
better, from home. But, upper management (not my immediate management)
wants to see a body here in front of a computer.

I share the same sentiment. I'm actually replying to this post from my
home computer, terminal serviced in. I could have a VoiP phone and work
as if I were sitting at my desk. In fact, we had a lead developer do
that for a while. He just wasn't a people person and was in his
"element" at home. 

In a similar instance at my last job, I took off for a month to visit my
wife's home country of South Africa. Upper management had two criteria
to let me take off that long of a time. One, I nail most of my major
projects prior to leaving, and I take a laptop with me so I can check my
email once or twice a week; just to make sure nothing had blown up.
A.k.a. ball and chain.

Fear not fellow evolter's, as we prove that to them over time our trust
and ability to work regardless of location, you'll see further leniency
towards our choice of work location. I'm dreaming of a beach front condo
in Cancun...or Tahiti, in a Tommy Bahama T-shirt sipping on "Octopus
Juice". It's a drink at the Living Sea's restaurant in EPCOT, Walt
Disney World, FL. 


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