[thelist] rsa security device

Bird bird at koolfish.com
Mon Mar 6 06:29:44 CST 2006

I have a client who wants to give his customers a security device that
generates a six digit number which they then must add to the password
that they use to log in.

So far we are investigating RSA security http://www.rsasecurity.com and
their authentication products such as using a key fob device. Has anyone
had any experience with this company/product good or bad?

I wasn't impressed with their response to more information. When I
emailed them and completed on line forms, no one got back to me at all.
When I rang their Singapore based office and I left a message no one got
back either. However when I rang again, the guy on the phone was quite

If anyone has any other recommendations I would also like to hear about
them as I am not sure if the RSA device is compatible with the server of
the website that needs it. The server is running Debian Linux 3.1. They
said they may have to make a custom built package for it which will
cost, rather than getting the out of the box solutions they provide for
Red Hat Linux systems. Any suggestions most welcome.



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