[thelist] rsa security device

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Mar 6 14:00:23 CST 2006

Lisa/Bird asked:

>>I have a client who wants to give his customers a security device that

>>generates a six digit number which they then must add to the password 
>>that they use to log in.

>>If anyone has any other recommendations I would also like to hear
about them 

Hi Lisa,

Something like this?

It's a device anyway.  It doesn't make me enter any extra random
I think it stores a public key to make sure that whoever entered my
is also in physical possession of the gizmo.  <shrug /> My laptop just
at me to plug it in once in a while.  I've never coded any apps to
the booger so I can't give you any heads up on how big a headache that

Anyway, it looks like these folks may offer something close to what you 
are looking for.

Good Luck,


(Weren't there a bunch of stories a year or two ago noting that all of
banks were supposed to imminently start issuing these kinds of widgets?)

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