[thelist] .htaccess file & SSI

Donald Pasewark don at pasewark.com
Tue Mar 7 09:21:16 CST 2006


I have a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me with . . .

I'm developing a web site for a client that's using earthlink as 
their ISP. I've designed the navigation in html with JS drop down 
menus (created in dreamweaver). I have this setup as an SSI. While 
the graphics show, the drop downs are not functional.

I know this setup works as I've done it with another client using a 
different ISP.

I've been on the phone with earthlink tech support, but they haven't 
been able to help with the problem, one tech keeps referring to 
modifying the .htaccess file but that's all they'll tell me. I've 
never had to modify an .htaccess file nor would I know how to do that.

Any suggestions/ideas?


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