[thelist] W3C Link Checker results

Brian Funk brian at slws.ca
Tue Mar 7 14:24:59 CST 2006

Good day,

I just discovered the W3C Link Checker and ran it on my page with the 
following result for 4 of my links:

What to do: *The link is forbidden! This needs fixing. Usual suspects: a 
missing index.html or Overview.html, or a missing ACL.
*Response status code: 403
Response message: Forbidden
Line: 82

What is puzzling to me is that when I visit my page and click any of 
these links that got flagged, I pull up the page in question without a 
What gives? My cache is clean so if the link was broken, I should get an 
error...shouldn't I?

Brian Funk

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