[thelist] Question about memory leaks with Javascript and Ajax

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Tue Mar 7 16:46:38 CST 2006

Bill Moseley wrote:
> do updates to the DOM take care of garbage collection?

Seems like it would depend on the JavaScript engine, as well as the 
types of elements being modified. I don't know that the various HTML/JS 
engines are cross-documented this way, but search terms like "javascript 
memory garbage" pull up anecdotal observations.

The Windows Microsoft browser apparently keeps references to COM objects 
in memory thorughout the browser session, and also has a different 
understanding of circular references, from browsing the top list of hits 
on this term.

Memory management is not in a spec, but has a big impact on amibitious 
application development... anyone know of a concise guide to learning 
how memory is managed in the range of current browser brands, platforms 
and versions...?


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