[thelist] Frontpage and Sharepoint (was Re: Help: JS error -Objectexpected...)

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Mar 7 18:10:56 CST 2006

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: Brooking, John wrote:
: > I have been told that the next version of Frontpage is going to
: > be called something like "Sharepoint Editor", reflecting its new
: > role within the Microsoft world. (But I also wonder why not VS.Net!
: > Maybe they figure their Sharepoint power-user audience is closer
: > to the FrontPage audience than the VS audience.)
: FrontPage is part of the Microsoft Office family (sort of) and VS.Net is
: the next generation of the old VisualStudio 6.0 which is resting
: peacefully in its grave.
: SharePoint is technically Office-related... or so the documentation
: would say.  Thus... FrontPage is tied in with SharePoint (which, IIRC,
: uses FrontPage extensions).

The next version of Office System (Office 2007) is going to have Sharepoint
as its document management/content management system (CMS will be rolled into
Sharepoint). As a design tool for end users, Sharepoint Designer (which will
grow out of part of Frontpage) will be the preferred tool. As a developer
tool (e.g. for developing Web Parts) you will probably want to stick to

The other part of Frontpage (for just creating HTML pages) will become
something called Expression Web Designer.


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