[thelist] formatted email

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Wed Mar 8 09:50:20 CST 2006

Nancy Johnson wrote:
> Our organization is interested in sending out formatted emails.
> Can anyone point me to a good online source on creating formated
> emails using both .asp and php?

Rather than writing something to do this yourself, I would recommend 
trying Campaign Monitor [1]

They have a good reputation, and I have used them myself. There are many 
reasons to use them;

1. reliable sending
2. cheap - one heck of a lot cheaper than writing a solution yourself
3. reliable delivery owing to them being a reputable sender of bulk email
4. unsubscribe requests and bounces are handled and reported automatically
5. you can watch the performance of the campaign in realtime

Hope this helps



[1] http://campaignmonitor.com/

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