[thelist] Enable Local PHP Testing on Win XP

jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Wed Mar 8 15:37:50 CST 2006

Does anybody have a good guide/tutorial for setting up local PHP testing
for Windows XP SP2?  I would like to be able to test some PHP pages
without having to post them live.

Being completely new to such a task, I was able to set Mac OS X up (at
home) in about 2 minutes by turning on Web Sharing, and using this

Anybody know of a tutorial for enabling PHP in Windows XP that is this
simple?  I understand that XP is quite different than OS X, but I am
looking for something that is as clear in instruction as the PHPmac
example.  I am a long time Mac user, but I have to use a Windows-based PC
at work, so I am at a real disadvantage when it comes to getting XP to do
what I want; in this case, enabling PHP for local testing.

I did check the MS site, but their directions were not all together, or
were not user friendly/easy to follow to a non-Windows XP pro.  Perhaps I
just didn’t fin the correct page on their site?  If this questions is too
vague, I can provide more details (ask away) if it makes supplying the
answer easier.

Thanks a bunch in advance.


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