[thelist] OS Multilingual portal/CMS application

Pieter Roosens pieter at roosensdesign.com
Thu Mar 9 05:11:51 CST 2006


I think this depends on a lot of parameters:
Your hosting server, your knowledge, simple or more complicated with  
a lot of extra features, root access, license, documentation, ...
You can compare cms systems here:


I am still figuring out myself which are the best ones. Some have  
rather amateurish stuff and a small user base. In case of trouble you  
need their forum with people willing to help.

IMHO some of the "better" systems are Joomla (bigger sites),  
Wordpress (blog)

Good luck,

Op 9-mrt-06, om 11:49 heeft Info at internetvraagbaak.nl het volgende  

> Hi there,
> I am browsing through some good site listing Opensource CMS/portal  
> systems but also was
> wondering wether there is someone on the list with good or bad  
> experience with a particular
> Opensource Mulitlanguage cms/portal system.  A small license fee is  
> not a problem but the organisation favours
> the Opensource community.
> Thanks!
> Jeroen


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