[thelist] New BSi guidance for UK accessibility

john at johnallsopp.co.uk john at johnallsopp.co.uk
Thu Mar 9 08:28:05 CST 2006

> Hi all,
> the British Standards Institute (BSi) has released PAS 78, a publicly
> available specification for best practice in web accessibility,
> commissioned by the Disability Rights Commission. It is now available
> for purchase only in hardcopy form from  the BSi at a cost of £30 plus
> postage.
> http://www.drc-gb.org/newsroom/newsdetails.asp?id=805&section=4
> http://accessify.com/2006/02/pas-78-launch-event-how-to-enhance.php
> http://www.bsi-global.com/PAS78/index.html
> Have ordered one, and will post feedback if anyone interested

Yep, interested :-)


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