[thelist] Menus and SSIs

Eduardo hut at hockeymail.com
Thu Mar 9 13:51:48 CST 2006


A little bit old but still good info about ifs and elses on SSI.

Anonymous wrote:
> Currently doing some work on a website and using SSI for the nav menu.
> Currently all the pages except one have the same menu. The one oddball has
> some extra links. Is it possible using the IF/THEN/ELSE functions of Apache
> includes to check the file name of the page and if it is the oddball then
> include another include that has the extra lines?
> The site is http://www.halorepair.com/ and the oddball page is
> http://www.halorepair.com/shop.shtml
> All of the SSI sites I've been able to find and go through use the example
> of checking browser type to determine which text/script to include. I need
> to check the filename.
> I'm on the daily digest, so direct replies would be greatly appreciated. If
> you have any questions or need more info, feel free to contact me. Thanks
> much. 
> Joseph
> Email - junkmail at lostcreektech.com

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