[thelist] Breaking away from "Standard" Fonts

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Mar 9 18:07:29 CST 2006

> Am I the only one who is bored to tears with this request popping up
> all the time?


All your points were valid. But pushing the envelope is how the web
changes. Remember when you didn't have graphics in web pages because it
was all text? No? Neither do I, 'cause the envelope was pushed a couple
years before we got into web design and the graphical web was born.

I yearn for the day when I can efficiently embed fonts in my web pages.
The more people who yearn for it, the sooner it'll happen.

I have a thousand books; while some fonts are used over and over in
print, I'm delighted that some books are actually *designed*, including
a font that's just a bit out of the ordinary. The web should get there;
I just hope it's soon.

And, yeah, I've used Papyrus on a website, because the owner liked it,
and knew that, while it would display as the fallback position for
visitors who didn't have the font, it looked expecially cool on his
machine, and was happy to have it so.


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