[thelist] Breaking away from "Standard" Fonts

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 17:46:05 CST 2006

> > If you embed a font, the browser has to load the
> > font. If the TTF is 10k, fine, if it is 450k, not that fine.
> You keep talking about the now; I'm talking about the future. Your
> point, in this specific instance, is obvious. But what if *all* fonts
> could be included via CSS for virtually no extra cost in efficiency?
> Wouldn't that be better than *anything* we've got now?

Ah, well. It'll also be great to put my hovercar 2 meters upward when
the traffic warden comes round the corner, that is true. :-)

So yeah, a technique to use a font and make it optional as a browser
option would be good. And the CSS specs do have it with @font-family.

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